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Helping You Resolve Your Real Estate Disputes

In the event of a dispute related to the ownership, purchase or sale of real property, competent legal advice and counsel should be sought as soon as possible. Sanchez Law, PLLC can advise you and explain the law applicable to the facts relevant to your dispute, including the strengths and weaknesses of your position.

Albert Sanchez has extensive experience representing parties in all forms of real estate disputes, focusing on achieving a dispute resolution that is best for the client and meets the clients’ specific goals.

Experience With Commercial And Residential Real Estate Disputes

Sanchez Law, PLLC, provides representation to parties involved in commercial and residential real estate disputes, including:

  • Purchase disputes and breach of contract in buying and selling real estate
  • Specific performance disputes; when one party fails to perform obligations required in the agreement
  • Seller nondisclosure of defects; including failure to report a known defect or covering a defect up
  • Property disputes between neighbors; including boundary and access disputes
  • Homeowner and condominium association disputes

Prior to the turnover or transition of a homeowner’s or condominium association or in the event of a dispute, owners and associations must understand their rights and responsibilities under Florida Statutes Chapters 718 and 720. Attorney Albert Sanchez can explain these responsibilities and rights to ensure that each client is not blindly entering a deal or dispute.

Strategic Representation Makes A Difference

Attorney Albert Sanchez has decades of experience on his side when representing clients in real estate matters. Years of working in construction and development in Sarasota gives him insider knowledge of the process and how to handle disputes. Contact Sanchez Law, PLLC, at 941-919-3678 to learn more about how Albert Sanchez can help you.