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Experienced Construction Litigation Counsel Armed With Practical Knowledge

In order for a construction project to achieve success, all parties involved, including owners, project developers, investors, contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers, must reach a meeting of the minds from the very start. Written agreements form the legal framework enumerating respective rights and responsibilities and the risks allocated to and assumed by each party.

In the event of a dispute between any of the parties to a construction project, it is imperative to know your legal rights as soon as possible in order to maximize your negotiation efforts and the likelihood of success in arbitration or litigation. That is why you should reach out to Sanchez Law, to speak with attorney Albert Sanchez. He knows the ins and out of construction projects from decades of personal experience.

A Knowledgeable And Skilled Attorney Is Necessary For Complex Negotiation And Litigation

Typically, in a construction project, multiple written agreements are required to document the understanding between all parties. These written agreements create an opportunity for you to negotiate the best possible formula for what you pay or are paid, and what responsibilities and risks you assume. These written agreements also create an opportunity for you to document the overall plan.

With a set of well-drafted agreements, you protect yourself when the inevitable discussions occur during a construction project concerning who should have performed a particular task or who is responsible for the failure of a particular task, or when the infinite variety of disagreements that may occur. You also place yourself, in the event of litigation, in a much stronger position to prevail. Construction litigation often focuses on highly technical details relevant to claims for defective work and construction delays.  A law firm with practical experience and expertise in construction related matters , enhances your likelihood of a good result.

Sanchez Law, PLLC, Represents Clients In A Broad Range Of Construction Cases

The construction law services attorney Sanchez offers for owners, contractors, subcontractors and architects include:

With decades of construction litigation experience and decades of practical business and construction management experience, attorney Sanchez has established himself as preeminent in the state of Florida for complex construction cases and capable of serving clients’ best interests.

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