Experienced Representation Of Clients In Business, Construction And Real Estate Disputes Throughout Florida

Sanchez Law, PLLC
Is A Business, Construction And Real Estate Litigation Firm

Representing clients in the areas of business, construction and real estate disputes, attorney Sanchez has over 30 years of experience in practicing law in Florida. Each step of the way, he assists you whenever you seek representation to protect yourself and advises you on how to achieve the best results with the least risk exposure possible. Legal advice and attorney services that could contribute to your case’s success might include:

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  • Explanation of the specific laws applicable to your dispute and how to employ those laws to your advantage.
  • Determination of legal strategies available to maximize your rights and minimize your risks
  • Negotiations to achieve the very best results at the commencement of a construction project, business or real estate venture and when a dispute arises
  • Understanding of the responsibilities and risks associated with a construction project or business enterprise before you sign a contract with other parties
  • Determination of legal strategies regarding contractual obligations, lien rights, owner and contractor rights in construction defect and delay claims
  • Determination of your legal rights when you have been injured by fraud, defamation, unfair business practices and other wrongful acts.
Sanchez Law

Sanchez Law provides legal services with a goal to prevent disputes. And if disputes occur, how to pursue a dispute resolution approach mindful of all options available to you and the realization that time and litigation costs are relevant factors in the decision-making process.

Dedicated And Strategic
Litigation Representation

At Sanchez Law, attorney Albert Sanchez represents clients in contentious disputes and litigation across the state, developing a deep understanding of the law and how best to approach every case. At the core of the firm’s practice is a commitment to clients. Sanchez Law always ensures that clients have a full understanding of their options throughout the course of their case and allows them to make informed decisions regarding their legal strategy.

Sanchez Law, PLLC,
Based In Sarasota, Represents Clients In Litigation Disputes
In Southwest Florida And Across The State.

Practice Areas

Construction Law

Experienced counsel for construction contract negotiation and representation in construction disputes.

Business Litigation

Seasoned litigation representation for businesses and other commercial entities throughout Florida.

Business Law

Representation of business entities and owners during formation and in commercial operations.

Commercial Misconduct Claims

Fraud, Misappropriation, Defamation, Unfair Business Practices

Real Estate Litigation

Resolving disputes between
​s​ellers and b​uyers​ and associations and developers.

Real Estate Litigation

Resolving disputes between
​s​ellers and b​uyers​ and associations and developers.

For Complex Litigation Support,
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